The best 2 weight loss and diet programs in 2017

diet programs for weight loss

The level of activity that we humans do is in the fall. We have become prone to technology and take solace in the minimal activity that we have to do because of the help of technology.

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We can now communicate from within our homes, order groceries from within our home, shop from within our home and off late even work from within our homes.

All this constant presence in the home has meant that our activity level is next to nil. The most significant effect of this is that the obesity rate among individuals is on a very alarmingly high level.

The lack of proper daily activity has meant that we as humans have lost the importance of staying healthy and eating a proper diet.

Catering to this problem a lot of new diets and weight loss plans are being introduced in the market, all bringing forth a challenge and a change of their own.

All of these weight loss plans are proven to be effective and worthwhile for your body but there are two which stand out.

The two best weight loss and diet programs of 2017 are:

1) 3 weeks diet plan:

3 Week diet plan

The 3 weeks diet plan is basically a very new and promising diet program which overwhelmingly claims that you can lose more than 20 pounds of body fat just within 21 days of starting the diet plan.

The owner Brian Flatt is a well-known individual for his endeavours as a nutritionist, thus his word regarding the effectiveness of the diet is really worth trusting.

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The 3 weeks diet has been chosen by me as the best diet and weight loss plan of 2017 as it is indeed an amalgamation of various different weight loss diets.

During the course of the 3 weeks, you will be experiencing three different diets meant to help you in losing your weight.

The diet:

The diet that you will be experiencing is a culmination of three different weight loss techniques. The first phase requires you to indulge in a detox the only phase which is good as detox is almost always beneficial for the body.

The second phase is an optional fasting phase which is best if you want the perfect results. The second phase is followed by two very different phases where you will be required to follow a low carbohydrate diet.

Considering that the time period is short, the 3 weeks diet can be a very daunting one as the diets can leave you very drained out at times. But the effectiveness of the results is something that should keep you motivated.

Furthermore, the three-week diet plan is composed of 4 different manuals:

1) The introduction manual, which updates you about the science behind gaining fat. See Ph.375 review

The diet plan manual, this will have all the info regarding the diets.

The workout manual, the workout is a must to achieve the best possible results.

Finally, motivation manual to ensure you are never short on motivation throughout the course of the diet.

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2) My Fitness Pal:

My Fitness Pal Diet Plan

My fitness pal researched about the technology present in the market and launched an application easily available in the blackberry, windows, android and Ios store.

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The application is something that you should keep with you in every case because of its importance to someone planning to lose weight.

The application has a calorie counter and a BMI indicator and a diary to keep track.

How does it work?

My fitness pal is the first thing that you should have on your phone while planning to lose weight. The application is made according to the needs of the users and is not only interactive but very user-friendly.

The first thing you have to do is to calculate your daily calorie intake. This can be done through your BMI and the time period that you want to get fit in.

The calorie counter will give you an indication of how many calories you should be consuming daily to meet your goal.

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The calories will obviously be less than your current intake so you would obviously feel the decrease in the food intake.

Once you have the amount of calories needed to attain your weight loss, you can select the food items from the database present in the application itself with the calories of thousands of food items mentioned by their side.

This will make the process a little less strenuous and you can to top it all note all of your progress on the diary provided to you by the application itself.

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Bottom Line:

weight loss before and after

The advent of a multitude of diets and weight loss plans has meant that the choice has become hard but the 3 weeks diet plan and my fitness pal stand out for being overwhelming achievers. reviews top weight loss programs!